The new business-dress shirt collar


Fit the end of the summer holidays, we have refreshed our business-collar office life for the beginning and also introduced some new models for you. We have shortened the traditional collar stay fashionable with many collars for him to take the rigor and expanded our offering with new collar classic shapes for a timeless look.

The Classics:

blog-kragen-1The Kent collar is the classic race at the collars. Its timeless look and the many possible combinations also make him the absolute bestseller of all collars. The Kent classic stands out for its straight line and the starched collar 6.5 cm long collar points. He can both open as well to all types are supported by tie knot. The new Kent brings swing by a slight push in the 7 cm long collar legs fashionable sophistication in every shirt design, while the Kent based small with a collar stand-height of only 3 cm of the current trends. With the New Kent you have a fashionably versatile collar that tends with his further apart, especially starched collar points and 8 cm long in the direction shark collar.
The Kent collar rounders:

blog-kragen-1The versatile Kent collar shirt is perfect for any kind whether now. For serious office’s casual look or for leisure shirt with plaid look Wear it according to taste with or without a tie, open or closed. The Kent collar is due to the low height of 3 to 3.8 Collar stand-cm also every character you type and dresses perfect for any occasion.

But not only the Kent collar is in the business fashion very popular because of the classic shark or shark by far a very wide spread collar give every wide tie knot a modern touch. The Shark 2-button is also characterized by an elevated collar band of 5 cm, which is particularly advantageous in a long, narrow neck. By the decorative 2-button collar stand collar shape this can certainly be worn without a tie. The Tab, however, is the parade collar for optimal grip of the tie knot. A small bridge connects the two 8 cm long collar leg, thereby making sure that the tie always fits perfectly.

Starched collar for an elegant look:

Hai-collar fit perfectly into both the business as well as in the leisure wardrobe. The serious tab collar works by contrast, the connection with a tie always something stronger and therefore better suited for a stylish business outfit. Particularly through the starched collar forms such as shark or New Kent factor to any office look further a masculine and elegant touch.

Have you already found a personal favorite in our classic collars? Then now design your mens dress shirt with your favorite collar!

PS: Incidentally, we have our sporting collar, like the button-down, revised and expanded with completely new models! More on that in our next blog post.

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